Date of birth: 1989

Living and working in Nice, Paris, and Shanghai


Arnaud GRAPAIN FBI : Federal Brueau of Investigation Installation et performance   2017 bureau d'investigation/ bureau d'investigation art contemporain bazar compatible program photo : deyi studio
Exhibition Poster - FBI : Fédéral Brueau of Investigation, Bazaar Compatible Program, Shanghai, China

¡ A Propos! Arnaud Grapain's work


"Every event (scientific or domestic) bears a relation with crime: it has already happened. Only traces enable us to piece together what happened. Observing prints, tracing, sorting, sampling: investigation as a form of art."





Art critic, historian of art and aesthetics,

 columnist at France Culture and Radio Nova,

 author and curator 

A presentation of the artist's work

With each of my plastic experiments I become a detective. My aim is to highlight the poetic strata of the infinitely small, of ordinary traces, or those that are almost invisible, in order to attract and stimulate the viewers’ visual curiosity.


Via ‘mediation-performances’, performances, installations, sculpture, photography, and painting, I create new fictions and contemporary stories.


In each of my pieces, I collect, catalogue, analyse, and interpret objects, and I classify even the smallest traces, and each element of technical and scientific data. I metamorphose them into artificial vestiges that subsequently bear witness to our globalised contemporary society.


My artistic investigations take me to new places that are in a state of perpetual evolution: a market that is about to be demolished, a factory that has recently been moved or that is being moved, a site of demolition or reconstruction work, an urban wasteland converted into an artistic area, or a place with no identity …


Like an archaeologist and an investigator, I glean information, prospect, exhume, and exhibit the residues and the debris of the twenty-first century that emerge from these excavations.


As an investigator of the imaginary, I also explore the interactions between digital technologies and the fingerprints left by Internet users. I investigate the digital data exploited by Big Data, Google’s reCAPTCHAs, and the multinational Amazon Mechanical Turk.


2017Post-Diploma: an artist and researcher for ‘Création & Mondialisation’ (Creativity and globalisation)

                directed by Paul Devautour, Shanghai, China 


2016Higher Diploma: Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP) at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art (ENSA) in the

               Villa Arson, Nice, France (Master’s degree)


2014Diploma: Awarded a Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques (DNAP), with commendations, at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art (ENSA)

              in the Villa Arson, Nice, France (Bachelor’s degree)

Solo Exhibition

2017FBI: federal Brueau of investigation, Bazaar compatible project, Shanghai, China.

Collective Exhibitions

2017Edge Water, LLND Studio, Shanghai, China

          – San Lun Che Reactivation, "Hors les Murs",  Shanghai, China

           Rêvez ! (Dream!), Prix et Collection Yvon Lambert Pour la Jeune Création (the Yvon Lambert Prize for Young Artists) Avignon, France

           – Resolution, Basement 6, Shanghai, China


2016San Lun Che, at the REFORMERart Gallery, Shanghai, China

           ¡ À propos !, at the Centre National d’Art Contemporain (CNAC), the Villa Arson and the Galerie de la Marine / Nice, France

           – Visite poétique de l’observatoire, in the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, Nice, France

           – Dans les plis du monde, Maison Des Artistes in Cagnes-sur Mer (MDAC), Haut-de-Cagnes, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France


201516 Nuances de Grès (‘16 Shades of stoneware’), in the Galerie Ygrec, Paris, France

           Incertains Genres, in the Kéramis Musée National de la Céramique, La Louvière, Belgium, as part of Mons Capitale Européenne de la

             Culture (Mons as a European Capital of Culture)


2013Entrée libre mais non obligatoire (‘Admission free but not obligatoire’), at the CNAC Villa Arson / Nice, France


2011 – ‘Panorama’11, in the Galerie de Sèvres, Paris, France



2017 – Basement 6, Shanghai, China


2015 – Briquetterie Rairies Montrieux, les Rairies, France


2017 – Participated in Antoine Moreau’s project Copy left


2016 – Design of the LP (33 rpm) and posters for the concert Lee Ranaldo Conduit l’Orchestre Inharmonique de Nice, based on a proposition by

             Arnaud Maguet


2015–2016 - ECART (European Ceramic Art and Research Team) network; practical and  collaborative research based on apposition by 

            Fréderic Bauchet


2013Atelier Enzo Mari, Autoprogettazione ? 1974 Réplique et Relecture, based on a proposition by Stephan Magnin

Publications / Texts

2017San Lun Che Réactivation

            Rêvez ! (‘Dream!’) Prix Yvon Lambert Pour la Jeune Création (the Yvon Lambert Prize for Young Artists), directed by Éric Mézil

           – Blog Offshore, Création et Mondialisation (‘Creativity and globalisation’), by DEYI Studio

           – San Lun Che, in the REFORMERart Gallery


2016¡ À propos ! Galerie de la Marine and CNAC Villa Arson, curated by Bernard Marcadé­­

           – Miss Marple à la Villa Arson, la République de l’Art, directed by Patrick Scemama

           Céramique Passion, Marie Claire, issue 486, by Ellia Ascheri


2015Incertains Genres, Kéramis

           Le bon outil with the support of Burkard Blümlein


2011Panorama’11, directed by Vincent Villard


2017 – International Research Grant from the Région du Grand Est, France


2016 – Mobility Grant from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art (ENSA) in Nancy

Conference / Teaching

2017 - Conference the SIVA (Shanghai Institute of Visual Art) University of Art, 2017   Shanghai, China


2016 / 2017 -  Art teacher, Shanghai’s International Schools, Shangha, China


2015 / 2016 - Ceramic workshop tutor at ENSA, in the Villa Arson, Nice, France


Artist's assistant

2017 – Song Dong, Eat the city  series, Rockbound Art Museum, Shanghai


2015 – Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, serigraphic work

            Nora Schultze, Memory Rug (series) and Countdown (performance)


2013 – Noël Dolla, L’alarme militaire (series)

            Arnaud Maguet, Eau et Gaz à tous les étages (series)

           – Pascal Pinaud, Le kiosque (series)